Release 1.16.36

4 april 2024

In this release, we focus on improving your experience with refined functionalities and fixing some key bugs. From personalized filtering options to improvements in managing activities, tasks and tickets, release 1.16.36 makes your work processes more efficient and transparent. Find out what this release offers you.

What’s in this release?

Personal filter options

We have further improved Maki’s flexibility and usability by giving you the ability to save filter options in the various overview screens in a personalized way. This means you can now create and save multiple sets of filter preferences for future use, making navigating and finding information faster and more efficient.

Improved Activity Overview

The weekly overview in the activity module has been expanded with a new filter option. This now allows you to distinguish between internal and external employees, which contributes to a better overview and planning of available resources.

Smarter Selection of Responsibles

Searching and selecting a responsible employee has been improved. When entering a search, it now searches first for matches to the first name, then the last name, and lastly for matches within the full name. This makes finding the right employee faster and more intuitive.

Consistency in Overview Screens

We have made an update for more consistency across the various overview screens. In the Tasks and Salesquotes screens, relationships have been moved to a separate, easily clickable column, bringing these screens in line with other overviews within Maki.

Intelligent Start Times for Activities

The system for suggesting a start time for new activities has been expanded. In addition to suggesting start times for today’s activities, an intelligent start time is now suggested for activities entered in the past, based on previously entered activities on that day.

Larger Pop-up for Activity Addition

Adding activities to tickets is now clearer thanks to a wider pop-up screen. This change provides a better user experience by making more information available at a glance.

Stable Ticket Status at Category Changes.

A major improvement has been made in ticket management. Changes to the category of a ticket will now not affect the status of a ticket. This means that tickets that have already been closed will not be reopened upon an administrative category change, ensuring streamlined handling.

Technical Improvements

Although perhaps not immediately visible, it is good to know that Maki’s technical infrastructure is being continuously improved. In this release, several front-end packages have been updated to the latest versions and the logging mechanism in the back-end has been significantly improved and made more efficient.

Solved bugs

Improvements in Billing Process

Improvements in Invoicing ProcessWe fixed an issue where pagination disappeared after processing invoice lines. Now you can browse invoice lines smoothly again and the problem with the total count of number of invoice lines and total amount has also been fixed.

Correct Marking of Tickets and Tasks

A bug where tasks and tickets that had a status of Closed or Ready remained incorrectly marked red in the overview has been addressed. From now on, these will be displayed correctly without misleading highlighting.

Improvements in Import Functionalities

Technical issues that hindered importing contacts and companies from Excel have been resolved. This means that phone numbers and contact information can now be updated via the import function without any problems.

Ease of use in Date Selection

Modifying an end date in the date selection field is now simplified, so you are no longer required to select the start date first.

Ability to Remove Persons

Previously, it was not possible to delete a person in the relationship module. This problem has been fixed, making it easier to manage relationships within Maki.

Correct Display of Template Tasks and Products

A bug that caused HTML elements to be visible when hovering over template tasks and product descriptions has been corrected. Descriptions now display correctly.

Enhanced MFA Experience.

One frustration point when logging in with MFA was the lack of an easy way to return to the login screen. We have added a “Back to Login” link to the MFA screen, which improves the user experience.

Increased Security

A security issue that allowed data from specific tenants to be accessed in other tenants has been fixed. Data integrity between different tenants within Maki is now guaranteed.

Technical Improvements

Behind the scenes, we have made significant technical improvements to the CQRS module and the Power BI interface. These improvements may not be immediately visible, but they contribute to a more efficient and stable operation of Maki.

Pasting text in the text editor

When pasting text in the text editor, the text was sometimes pasted twice. That bug is now resolved. We also resolved a XSS-vulnerability in the text editor.

E-mail notifications for contacts

Due to a bug, users were unable to change the e-mail notification settings for contacts. With this release, that issue is now resolved.