1.16.34 Bugfix

[MK-1213] Titles of Maki items now start with a capital letter by default.

From now on, the first letter in the subject field of projects, tasks, task templates, tickets, and sales quotes will automatically be capitalized, as well as the name of companies and contacts.

[MK-1237] Companies – Address information, added the ability to enter foreign postal codes.

Previously, entering a postal code was always mandatory in the Dutch format, i.e., 4 digits followed by 2 letters. The postal code format is now dependent on the entered country and the corresponding format for that country.

[MK-1257] Optimization of communication feed:

  • Under an image pasted in a ticket comment, text could no longer be typed. This has been resolved.
  • An extra line break under an attachment in a ticket comment has been added.
  • Existing links in ticket comments are clickable again.
  • Text can now be converted to hyperlinks via a button in the header of the text editor.
  • When switching fields with the TAB key, the buttons in the header of the text editor are now skipped.

[MK-1268] Can we make the column of the ticket title wider?

In the ticket overview, the column with the description has been widened for better readability.

[MK-1225] Error messages during validation are incorrect on the login screen.

When entering an incorrect password during login to Maki, you received an incorrect message stating that the account did not exist. This has been corrected.

[MK-1269] The orange and red indicators for Tasks from the main menu are not working anymore.

The orange and red indicators for Tasks in the main menu now correctly refer to tasks with a due date today and tasks that have already expired.

[MK-1279] Overview of reported bugs in the Sales quote module:

  • Issue resolved when creating a new product that the Back button did not work.
  • Issue resolved that a sales quote with the status “Released” could no longer be opened.
  • Issue resolved that copy/paste in some text blocks in the sales quote module did not work.
  • Issue resolved that formatting of text was not possible when creating a new product from the sales quote screen.

[MK-1284] “Ticket Type” field is missing in the filter object of the ticket overview.

In the filter options in the ticket overview, you can now also filter on Internal/External tickets if the service partner module is not activated.