Release 1.16.32

September 2, 2023

In this new release, we introduce a range of refreshing features and improvements in Maki. From task management and ticket interactions to user-friendliness and administrative efficiency, there is something for everyone. We’ve also tackled various bugs to optimize your user experience. Let’s take a closer look at the updates.

What’s in this release?

Improvements in Task Management

Managing tasks has become far more efficient with the new checklist feature. Now, you can create a dynamic checklist with multiple items right within the task detail screen. Additionally, we’ve added an ‘Archive’ button to the task overview, allowing you to archive multiple tasks at once with a single click.

Improved Ticket Interactions

Interacting with tickets is now more flexible and powerful than ever. You now have the ability to edit your own comments on open tickets while maintaining transparency about such changes. Moreover, we’ve added new filter options to sort tickets by ‘Created by Employee’ and by specific employees within your company.

User-Friendly Interface

Maki’s user-friendliness gets a boost with the introduction of a new date picker, making the selection of dates much quicker and more convenient. We’ve also optimized various dropdown menus within the interface, making multi-selections a lot simpler.

Management of Contacts and Employees

Adding and managing contacts has become more flexible. You can now add contacts without an email address, and if you later decide that a contact should actually be an employee, you can easily convert them while keeping the same user account.

Reporting and Administration

Administrative tasks are streamlined for an enhanced experience. When changing tenant administrator permissions, a check is now performed to ensure that there is always at least one employee with these permissions. Furthermore, the reporting date and time for tickets are now automatically set, improving the calculation of response and resolution times.

Sales Quotes Dashboard and Product Information

For the Sales Module, we’ve added some useful new features. Employees can now be granted permissions to view or edit the Sales Quotes Dashboard. Additionally, you can include product sheets from your product database as attachments to your quotations.

Resolved Bugs

Fixes for Email and Notifications

Various issues relating to email and notifications have been resolved. Email notifications for internal tickets were not functioning correctly; this issue is now fixed. Also, in some cases, the email address for notifications in the general organization settings couldn’t be updated. This is now resolved.

Financial and Billing Fixes

For invoice lines, the status bar at the top of the invoice lines window wasn’t properly updated. When you selected invoice lines and converted them into invoices, the status bar wasn’t accurately updated with the number of invoice lines, the number of hours, and the amount. This is now corrected.

Tasks and Projects

Several bugs specific to tasks and projects have also been fixed. When linking a task to a project, the search results displayed projects from other customers; this is now fixed. Also, it was not possible to update the responsible employee in the task detail window; this is now resolved. Additionally, improvements have been made to the bottom bar with pagination in the task overview, and a Firefox-specific bug that prevented multiple task selections has been fixed.

User Interface and Interaction

Some issues specific to the Firefox browser have been addressed. Clicking the popup to add an activity in tickets resulted in a flickering window; this is now fixed. Also, icons in the picture viewing window weren’t visible; this is now corrected.

Other Resolutions

Finally, some additional problems have been resolved. Directly editing a time entry right after adding it resulted in an error; this is now fixed.