Release 1.16.35

February 19, 2024

This release includes a series of improvements in time registration, ticket management, task management, integration with external systems, and more, all aimed at increasing productivity and transparency within your work processes.

What is in this release?

Time registration and activity management

In our latest update, we’ve made it easier to directly link time entries to specific activities within tickets. Now, when you register an activity, not only is the ticket reference included, but also a clear reference to the activity itself, complete with a sequence number and a clickable link. This enhancement streamlines the management of time entries and ensures greater transparency and traceability.

Improved flexibility and clear communication in ticket management

Registering tickets without a specific contact person is now possible, which increases flexibility for creating and managing tickets. Additionally, any change in the category of a ticket is clearly noted in the communication feed, contributing to transparency and clarity for both staff and customers.

Improved task management with template tasks

Assigning responsibilities to template tasks has been simplified. When a task is created from a template, the responsibilities are automatically taken over. This ensures a smoother workflow and clarity in task assignments. Also, working with checklists when creating tasks has been optimized. Simply pressing ‘enter’ allows you to quickly add new items, improving the organization and management of projects and tasks.

Advanced Integration

Managing login credentials for integrations with external software and extended API linkages is now easier and safer via the settings menu. Moreover, our API linkages now support the transfer of relationship statuses and fixed project prices from ERP systems, ensuring streamlined data transfer and up-to-date project information.

User interface and navigation

The user interface and navigation within Maki have been refined. The list of responsible parties now first shows active employees, and the login procedure for integrations with Stiply and Sharepoint has been simplified, ensuring more efficient management of integrations.

Optimizations and refinements

We have implemented several optimizations, such as alphabetical ordering of permissions and notifications for a uniform overview, a renewed Employee page for better clarity, and improvements in the Sales module to increase the efficiency of the sales process.

Solved bugs

Project and Task Management

An issue with incomplete status history in projects has now been resolved, providing full transparency on status changes. Additionally, we have removed a blockage that prevented the closing of projects due to archived tasks or tasks from former employees not marked as ‘Ready’. Now, a new functionality ensures that only active tasks are checked and provides the ability to archive all tasks from inactive employees at once, simplifying the project closure process.

Improved data integration and module management

Importing relationships and activating or deactivating modules within the trial version of Maki did not work properly. These issues have now been fixed, ensuring both the import of relationships via Excel and the modification of module settings work flawlessly, for a smoother and more reliable experience.

Ticket management and communication

An error that caused changes in ticket assignments and priorities to be implemented incorrectly has now been fixed, as well as an issue with pasting text into the text editor for product descriptions in quotes. Moreover, contact persons for whom the ‘Can login’ option is disabled can now be correctly archived, contributing to better contact management.

User interface and user experience

Issues with filtering by addresses and the activity overview not automatically updating have now been resolved.