Release 1.16.31

This release is all about the new sales quotes module in Maki. With this module you can send and track your personalized offers to your customers based on your own product database and your own personalized template based sales quote letters. What else is in this release?

User stories

MK-820 Be able to quickly add a product or comment to a quotation

When you have registered a sales quote, you can easily add products from your own product database to your sales quote. Selling prices and purchase prices are also copied from your product database, but you can adjust the prices in your sales quote. You can also easily add a comment line to your sales quote.

MK-815 I want to be able to use different currencies

We also have the possibility in Maki to use different currencies, so you can make a quotation in a different currency than the currency of your tenant. In the settings menu you can maintain the rates of the currencies. Prices from you product database are automatically converted to the currency of your sales quote.

MK-818 I want to be able to use templates for sending out my quotations

After completing a sales quote you can send an offer to your customer in PDF format based on a personalized template in MS Word. With the preferred language of a customer the template in the right language is automatically selected, however you can always decide to select a different template for a specific sales quote of customer.

MK-816 Be able to add a general discount to a quotation

You can add a discount to a sales quote. This can be either an absolute discount (fixed amount) or it can be a percentage of the total of the products added to the sales quote in question (relative discount).

MK-979/980/982 Sales dashboard – Graphs Quotes / Sales funnel / Deals

In the Sales Dashboard you can see several graphs that represent your sales quotes in a visual way. For now the dashboard has a graph with the numbers of sales quotes for all statuses, also a graph for the Sales Funnel where you can see the total value of all sales quotes and a graph which compares the amount of deals and released sales quotes between this year and the previous year.

MK-460 Automatic expiration of sales quotes

Each sales quote has an expiration date based on the validity period. When this date has expired the status of a sales quoted becomes expired automatically. You can also filter and sort based on expiration date in the sales quotes overview.

MK-672 Be able to specify a success rate for a quote

For each sales quote you can maintain a history of the success rate and eventually adjust it when the sales quote is released. You can also filter and sort based on the success rate in the sales quotes overview.

MK-1059 Be able to register a Title of a sales quote

Each sales quote can be identified with a title of the sales quote, besides the more detailed description that also can be registered for each sales quote.

MK-691 Be able to give a contact person the rights to sign sales quotes

In each sales quote you can specify which contact is authorized to make a deal for this sales quote and send the sales quote letter directly to this contact.

MK-692 Be able to change the status of a sales quote manually

Each sales quote has a current status, which can be at this moment Draft, Released, Expired, Deal or No Deal. During the sales process this status can be adjusted manually as well as automatically.

MK-812 / MK-1057 Be able to define a unique number sequence and start number for quotations

In the sales quotes module you are able to define the length, prefix and starting number of your sales quotes numbers.

MK-1086 Be able to recalculate discount in a sales quote

When a relative discount (percentage) is added to a sales quote, the total discount is automatically recalculated when you add or remove products to your sales quote.

MK-811 Be able to register standard delivery conditions for the organization

For each organization, customer and sales quote we can specify its own payment method, payment period and validity period. A new sales quote inherits these settings from the customer, a new customer inherits this from the organization, but they can always be adjusted to the needed values.

MK-810 Manage relation fields settings

Within restrictions, you can now determine by yourself with registration of new companies which fields are mandatory, optional, blocked or hidden. In this way registration of new companies can be done tailormade and becomes much easier.

Solved bugs

MK-868 For invoice lines, the bar with status information is not properly updated
In the Finance module, option invoice lines, when selecting invoice lines for invoicing, the displayed subtotals are not updated correctly when invoices are processed. This is now fixed.

MK-978 Configuring an integration is not possible

An issue is solved in the Settings – Manage integrations menu. When an employee with the right permissions wanted to change the settings of an integration, he or she was not able to do so, this is now fixed.

MK-1070 Read only permissions in the sales quotes module did not work correctly

On employee level, permissions for the sales quote module can be granted. An issue is solved that an employee with read only permissions was also able to change certain fields, which off course is not allowed and now fixed.