To make your life easier, Maki is integrable with these widely-used business applications


EDR Credit Services

Credit information agency EDR provides business and consumer information, automated and customized reports that are compiled by data specialists. By using EDR, organisations reduce and control their credit risks. Maki can easily be integrated with EDR.

  • Business information
  • Reduce credit risks
  • Customized reports
Sharepoint logo

Microsoft Sharepoint

The Sharepoint integration provides a powerful document management solution by enabling the storage of Stiply documents in Sharepoint. This integration streamlines document management, increasing productivity and efficiency for your business.

  • Central storage
  • Efficiency
  • Accessibility

Stiply for signatures

Stiply enables organisations to collect and save signatures for formal documents in a quick and secure way. All parties in an agreement can sign contracts, quotes and other documents through Stiply. Maki offers an integration with this clever application.

  • Sign online
  • Quick & secure
  • For all formal documents

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