Release 1.16.29

May 2, 2023

In this release we are happy to offer you the new GUI design of the relation module, so the company overview and detail page and also the contact overview and detail page have a total new look.

What’s in this release?

[MK-337] New GUI Design relation module for companies and contacts

The overview and detail page for companies and contact now have a complete new look that is in line with the same design that already has been applied to the ticket module, the project module and the task module.

[MK-723] Be able to recover archived contacts & show archived contacts in overview page

We now have the possibility to show archived contacts from the overview page and when an archived contact is selected, there is also a possibility now to recover and archived contact.

[MK-776] Export companies and contacts to Excel

In the overview page for companies and contacts we now have the possibility to export companies and contacts to Excel. The export button was already silently added to the options, but now it is released officially and the exports are also made suitable to use them when you want to import companies and contacts.

[MK-846] Import companies from Excel

If you want to make bulk changes in companies or if you want to import a large number of new companies you can import them now with an excel file.

[MK-849] Import contacts from Excel

If you want to make bulk changes in contacts or if you want to import a large number of new contacts you can import them now with an excel file.

[MK-1014] Phone number of contacts directly visible in a ticket

When you are in a ticket and you hoover over the avatar of a contact, you now see a popup with the contacts phone number and email address and you can click on them to call or mail the contact.

[MK-1022] Optimizing opening an item from the overview page

In the overview pages of tickets, projects, tasks, companies and contacts you can click anywhere in a line now when you want to open this specific item, you don’t have to click exactly on the id anymore.

[MK-1023] Opening links from Maki in a new browser tab

When you click on an external link that is in the comment of a ticket, this link is opened in a new tab of your browser.

[MK-1025] Be able to filter on name, email address and phone number in contacts overview page

As part of the new GUI design of the contacts overview page, we now have the possibility to filter on (part of) a name, email address or phone number.

[MK-1026] Optimize registration of new activity in tickets

We improved the way multiple employees and contacts can cooperate on the same ticket at the same time, so problems with changing priority or group can no longer occur.


[MK-355] Setting “Make time registration billable” of tasks doesn’t work correctly

When adding tasks to a project that is billable, only the first task had the setting Make time registration billable ‘on’ by default, for the second or later task the setting was ‘off’ by default, this is now fixed.

[MK-774] Billability quick fix

Billability of time registrations is from now on determined in this descending order: Project – Task – Category. So when a project is set to not billable or fixed price, all underlying time registrations on tasks under that same project are set to ‘not billable’ by default. Off course they can be set to billable manually. The other way around also applies, so when a project is set to billable, all underlying time registrations on tasks are set to billable by default and can be set to not billable manually.

[MK-903] Archived contacts default visible in contacts overview page

Archived contacts were visible in the overview page by default. This is now changed to not visible by default.

[MK-946] Week overview of a blocked employee does not show worked hours

When an employee is blocked, worked hours in an earlier period before blocking were not visible in the week overview, this is now fixed.

[MK-965] Exporting tickets does not work correctly on date range

When exporting tickets to excel, the selected date range was ignored during export, this is now fixed.

[MK-1020] Add activity with long text is not working correctly

When adding an activity on a ticket with a long text, going back to the ticket and then back to the activity caused strange effects in the text editor, this is now fixed.

[MK-1021] In tickets overview page, when a ticket has only 1 contact person that contact person is not visible

In the tickets overview page, tickets with only one contact person didn’t show that contact person, this is now fixed.

[MK-1027] Filter options in tasks overview on status are not working properly

In de tasks overview page there was a problem with filtering on status, this is now fixed

[MK-1028] Total time spent on tickets not visible anymore in overview page

Since the previous release the total time spent on a ticket was no longer visible in the overview page, this is now fixed and the total time spent is visible again.