Release 1.16.28

March 14, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our latest release, which brings exciting updates and improvements across various modules and features of Maki.

What’s in this release?

New GUI design

Our ticket module now has a brand new GUI design, which we have already implemented for tasks and projects. This update will provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for our customers. A GUI (Graphical User Interface) refers to the visual elements, such as menus and icons, that users interact with when using software.

Sales module

We have added several exciting features to the sales module. Employees now have more permissions, including the ability to view, edit, and send sales quotes to customers. It is also possible to sort and search for sales quotes using the sales quote number. This means that employees can now easily manage and organize their sales quotes, making the sales process more efficient.


At the employee level, we have introduced the “Tenant administrator” permission. This allows someone to have all possible permissions in a specific tenant. Only a tenant administrator can appoint or remove another tenant administrator. This change makes it easier to manage permissions within a specific tenant.

At the employee level, it is also now possible to deblock a user that has been blocked due to login or security issues.

Furthermore, global admins can now remove tenants that have become inactive or obsolete. This means that administrators have more control over the management of their Maki accounts.

Free trial improvement

We know that trying out a new software can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’ve made some significant improvements to our free trial experience. When a free trial is started from our website, a new tenant is created with all modules of Maki activated. Basic data are automatically set up, making it easier to start using Maki right away and fully explore its capabilities.

We’ve also made it possible to find data entered during a Maki trial request from the website on the organization settings page. This way, you can easily reference any information you entered during the trial period.

Relations module

In the relations module, we have added and altered fields, allowing users to register international relations and define their own locations. When editing or entering a relation, the State/Provence field is no longer a mandatory field. This means that users can now more easily register international relations and define their own locations without being limited by mandatory fields.

Android app

For our customers using the Android app, we are excited to announce that a base version of the relations module is now available. This means that you can access all the features of the relations module directly from your mobile device, making it easier to manage relationships on the go.

Ticket module

Our ticket module has undergone several improvements, including making the phone number of a contact person visible directly from the ticket. This makes it easier for employees to quickly access important contact information while working on tickets.

Also, the “Wait on customer” and “Wait on supplier” statuses for tickets have been converted to a new “On hold” status. This change provides more flexibility when managing tickets.

Furthermore, we have raised the limitation on exporting tickets from 1,000 to 10,000 tickets at once. This means that employees can now export larger batches of tickets at once, making it easier to manage and analyze ticket data.

We have also made improvements to the comments on tickets, translating them to Universal Time (UT), eliminating time lapses when commenting from different time zones. This change will make it easier for users across different time zones to collaborate more efficiently.

Development platform

We’ve upgraded the Maki development platform for the Back-End to the latest Visual Studio 2022 level and the Front-End environment to the latest React 18 version. This upgrade will help us to maintain a cutting-edge platform and ensure that Maki remains at the forefront of technology.

More user-friendly

Finally, we have optimized the way images are displayed in Maki. Now, when you click on an image, you can zoom in to see more details. This change will make it easier to view images and ensure that you don’t miss any important details.

We’ve also made Maki less case-sensitive when searching and entering filtering options. This change will make searching a lot easier and more user-friendly.

Solved bugs

Timeregistration not visible after creating or updating a ticket

Previously, when creating or updating a ticket with time registrations, the time registrations were not visible. We have resolved this issue, and time registrations are now visible after creating or updating a ticket.

Error 404 for attachments with name longer than 100 characters

In the past, users would receive an error 404 message when attempting to upload files with names longer than 100 characters. We have fixed this issue, and users can now upload files with names longer than 100 characters without encountering any errors.

Tasks linked to a project not findable by company name in task overview

Previously, tasks that were manually linked to a project could not be found by searching for the company name in the task overview. We have resolved this issue by linking manually created tasks to the corresponding relation, allowing them to be found by searching for the company name.

Automatically closing a ticket doesn’t work

Previously, the option to put tickets on hold with the option to be automatically closed within several days was not functioning as intended. We have fixed this issue, and tickets can now be automatically closed after being put on hold.

Navigation on main menu “Contacts” is not correct

In the Relations module, the navigation from the main menu to the Contacts page was not working correctly, leading to confusion for users. We have fixed this issue, and the navigation to the Contacts page is now working as intended.

Creating a new task from “all tasks” of the project page doesn’t work correctly

Previously, when creating a new task from the project page with the all tasks option, the new task was not directly linked to the underlying relations and project. We have resolved this issue, and newly created tasks are now directly linked to the underlying relations and project as intended.

We hope that these updates and improvements will enhance your experience with Maki and provide more value to your organization.