Release 1.16.25

This release is all about the new servicepartner module!

What is in this release?

  1. With the new permission “Servicepartner assignment”, a co-worker in a servicepartner-mother now has the option to create a relation servicepartner (MK-716)
  2. With the new permission “Service partner employee”, the employee in a service partner child gets the functionalities of a service partner contact in the service partner mother (MK-718)
  3. You can now indicate on the contact card whether internal notes in customer tickets can be used (MK-720)
  4. As a contact person you can now provide a ticket with the new status “solved” (MK-719)
  5. As a contact person you can now enable or disable your own e-mail notifications (MK-664)
  6. When you register treatment groups in a servicepartner-child, they also become visible in the servicepartner-mother (MK-717)
  7. If you want to change the task in an existing time registration, you will now only see the tasks that belong to the concerning project in the search results (MK-696)
  8. A new permission component has been created for employee permissions (MK-332)
  9. In addition to a QR code, you can now also activate two-factor authentication with a “secret key” (MK-715)
  10. The bar at the bottom of the screen has been graphically improved (MK-559)
  11. The old Maki logo has now been replaced in code everywhere for the new logo (MK-706)
  12. In user’s view, “Linked organizations – contacts” has been renamed to “Linked relations – contacts” (MK-610)
  13. A current super admin can now make other users super admin (MK-740)

Solved bugs

  1. All template-tasks can be selected when creating new tasks (MK-721)
  2. When a ticked has been rated with stars, you can now select the text (MK-615)
  3. Problems with logging in to the Maki app have been solved (MK-732)
  4. Vulnerabilities in the security of the FMA functionality have been solved (MK-623)