Release 1.16.30

June 9, 2023

In this release we concentrate on several bugfixes and the new design of single- and multiselect dropboxes. 

What’s in this release?

Improvements in the Dropdown Menus

We have taken steps to optimize the functionality and appearance of all single and multi-selection dropdown menus. This optimization is part of our ongoing efforts to implement our new UI design. An important part of this process is promoting consistency in our dropdown options. With this update, users can now expect a more streamlined and unified experience when working with dropdown fields in Maki.

Contact information popup optimized

As part of our continuous improvements to improve the user experience in Maki, we have adjusted the timing of the pop-up within tickets. Now when you hover over a contact’s avatar, a pop-up will appear with that person’s contact information. This optimization ensures that the popup appears just long enough to give users time to click on the desired email address or phone number. This change makes it easier and faster to find and use the correct contact information.


Project search in tickets

The issue where projects from other customers were visible when searching while adding a project to a ticket has been resolved. Now only the projects of the customer linked to the ticket are shown.

Overview of projects on the employee page

We fixed an issue where projects not related to that employee were visible on the employee page. Now only the projects for which the employee is responsible are shown.

Status updates in tickets

We’ve improved the display of status updates. Now the new “Open” status is displayed immediately after clicking the “Assign to me” button in a ticket.

Displaying comments on behalf of customers

Responses added to a ticket on behalf of a customer were shown on the wrong side of the communication overview. This has been corrected and such comments are now posted to the right.

Changing time registrations

We fixed a bug that caused Maki to crash when changing a timesheet from a client to a project.

Display of service partner groups and employees on status changes

We fixed an issue where service partner groups and agents were not visible when changing the ticket status to “Put on hold”. Now groups and employees of the service partner can be selected.

Display status changes in tickets

There were issues displaying headers of status changes to “Resolved”, “On hold” or “Assigned to” in tickets. These issues have been resolved.

Tool tips

An issue where some tooltips stuck on the screen and did not disappear automatically has been fixed.

Special characters in task descriptions

We fixed an error when creating invoices for tasks with a “|” sign in the description. Now invoices can be created without any problems for such tasks.