Release 1.16.31

July 21, 2023

This release is fully dedicated to the new quote module in Maki. With this module, you can send and track personalized quotes to your customers. These quotes are based on your own product database and your own personalized letter templates.

What’s in this release?

Quote Management

The new module allows you to manage quotes more efficiently. You can now quickly add a product or comment to a quote. You can also apply a general discount and manually change the status of a quote. With the new feature to specify a success rate for each quote, you gain more insight into the performance of your sales activities. Furthermore, you can now register the title of a quote for a better overview.

Quote Personalization and Contact Management

This update gives you the ability to further personalize quotes. You can use different currencies and templates to send your quotes. In addition, there is now a feature that allows you to specify which contact person has the authority to sign quotes and directly send the quote message to this contact person.

Automation and Data Analysis

With this update, you can automatically set the expiry date of quotes, and the status of a quote is automatically updated when it expires. There are also new features in the Sales Dashboard, such as various graphs that visually display your quotes. There is also a new function to add a relative discount (percentage) to a quote, with the total discount automatically recalculated when you add or remove products to your quote.

Organization and Customer Settings

This update allows you to register standard delivery conditions for your organization, such as the payment method, payment period, and validity period. In addition, you can now determine which fields are mandatory, optional, blocked, or hidden when registering new companies.

Unique Quote Numbering

When generating quotes, you can now define a unique sequence and start number for your quotes.

Solved bugs

Issues with status information on invoice lines

In the Finance module, the status information was not correctly updated when selecting invoice lines for invoicing. The displayed subtotal amounts were not correctly updated when invoices were processed. This problem has now been resolved.

Configuring Integrations Not Possible

A problem has been solved in the Settings – Manage Integrations menu. When an employee with the appropriate permissions wanted to change the settings of an integration, this was not possible. This problem has now been resolved.

Issues with Read-Only Rights in the Quote Module

At the employee level, rights for the quote module can be granted. A problem has been solved where an employee with read-only rights was also able to change certain fields, which is of course not allowed. This problem has now been rectified.