Release 1.16.26

We’re constantly making YourMaki better. Here are some new features and improvements that we’ve made since our last update!

What is in this release?

  1. Personal Dashboard (MK-244)

When logging in to Maki, the first thing you will see on your homepage is your Personal Dashboard. This provides visual information about the items and modules that you use in YourMaki.

  1. Search results page (MK-46, MK-798)

When you use the search bar in the right top corner of YourMaki and you give <ENTER> after typing your keywords, WITHOUT using the automatic dropdown results, you will enter the new search results page. This page has more results and options to find what you are looking for in YourMaki.

  1. New GUI Design, new lay-out error pages (MK-450)

Hopefully you will not see them very often, but there is a new design for the No Permissions, Maintenace and Error pages.

  1. Adding profile picture to contact person (MK-227)

Contact persons can now upload their own avatar, just like employees can. Employees with the right permissions can also do this for contact persons. This avatar will be shown in all communication feeds.

  1. Servicepartner module available in Android App (MK-752)

With the new release of the Android App the servicepartner module is also available in the App.

Solved bugs

  1. Tickets without responsible employee or group can no longer occur (MK-767)
  2. Tickets assigned to servicepartner groups can now be put on hold (MK-784)
  3. Selecting a client when adding a new project no longer crashes Maki (MK-714)
  4. Links to the old Maki logo are removed (MK-745)
  5. Ticketfilter options are saved after switching tenant in Android App (MK-758)