Release 1.16.21

There are new possibilities in YourMaki. Find out in this new release!

What’s in this release?

  1. New HR module (MK-273)

We have added a new module: the HR module is now available!

  1. Register allowances (MK-276)

It is now possible to register allowances for overtime and extra work of employees.

  1. Filter by internal or external employee (MK-274)

With an employee you can now indicate whether this person is an internal or external employee. You can also filter on this in the overview of employees.

  1. Register more information

It is now possible to register more information from employees, such as addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, position and emergency phone numbers.

  1. Permission for personal information (MK-268)

You can now only see personal information of colleagues if you have the permission to do so.

  1. General information on relation page (MK-454)

On the relation page you can now register more general information about a relation. Think of addresses, telephone numbers, account manager, VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number.

Solved bugs

  1. It is now possible to remove tags in a ticket (MK-503) without any problems
  2. Exporting tickets goes well again in all cases (MK-646)