1.16.28 Bugfix

March 22, 2023

Solved bugs

[MK-947] As a contactperson I can’t change my profile picture

[MK-958] Error #500 when I go to another page in the overview of time registrations

[MK-987] Filteroptions in the tasks overview are not working properly

[MK-989] The Wiki link is missing in a ticket

[MK-990] Scroll issues when selecting tickets, projects, relations or task from the overview screen

[MK-991] Different issues when using yourmaki.com on the browser of an Iphone

[MK-992] Error #500 when viewing the overview screen of projects

[MK-993] Assigning a ticket with status “On hold” to a servicepartner group is not possible

[MK-994] Approving time registrations is not working properly

[MK-995] Error #500 at filteroptions and using pagination with Invoicelines

[MK-996] Error #500 at disabling/enabling MFA with users

[MK-997] Error #500 when adding an internal ticket

[MK-998] Execution date is missing from the tickets overview

[MK-1001] Impossible to add a contactperson to an existing ticket

[MK-969] Refresh needed in task overview page after adding new task

[MK-1012] Contactperson is not able to register tickets

[MK-1013] Adjustments existing task are not saved